FLY Charts Debut in Cycle 1211 on iPads

12 OCT 2012

Charted VFR Flyway Planning Charts, also known as "FLY Charts" and the NYC VFR Planning Charts are included with the 18 October 2012 (Cycle 1211) updates for Reader Plates on the iPad. The newly added charts are appended to their respective TAC chart as a large bottom margin.

Chart margins are normally hidden for a more seamless transition between adjoining charts. Margins, and the FLY charts are easily displayed by touching and holding the TAC chart with two fingers. The full procedure follows:

  1. Reverse pinch to zoom in on a major city until the white TAC chart boundaries on the sectional almost fill the screen.
  2. If the TAC has not appeared already, touch and hold with one finger to change the sorting order of the charts at that point. (Each touch & hold changes the sort order once, so multiple presses may be needed if several charts overlap at that point.)
  3. Once the TAC is displayed, touch and hold it with two fingers to display the chart's margins, including the FLY chart. The accompanying FLY chart will be displayed below the TAC.

Cycle 1211 is available to subscribers now for download in the Reader Plates iPad app.

Reader Plates 3.2.0 for the iPad

20 SEP 2012

Version 3.2.0 of Reader Plates adds the ability to file and brief flight plans. After creating a route, one tap fills out a flight plan form leaving as little todo as entering the number aboard. One tap of the Brief button downloads a full briefing from One more tap on the File button files the plan. Filed plans and the associated briefing are stored on the iPad and may be emailed for record keeping.

Other improvements include:

  • Class B, C, D, and Special Use Airspace hightlighting and altitudes.
  • Entire folder hierarchies of PDF files can be ZIP'd and easily added to the Documents tab from email or the web browser.

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iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Reader Plates 3.0.0 for the iPad

31 MAY 2012

Version 3.0.0 of Reader Plates adds animated composite weather radar and echo top overlays on IFR enroute and VFR charts.

Other improvements include:

  • GPS speed, track, altitude, & accuracy are displayed whenever the moving map is active.
  • Route waypoints may be dragged and dropped at any latitude/longitude.
  • PDF files may be opened from Safari or email and added to the Documents tab without syncing.

The free update is now available for the iPad, iPad 2, and fully supports the retina display on "The new iPad". Click here for more details...

iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc.