Reader Plates are downloadable FAA (Aeronav) Terminal Approach Procedures formatted for easy navigation and display on the iPad, and the Sony PRS-900, Sony PRS-950, Amazon Kindle DX, and Sony PRS-505 book readers.

Now an instrument-rated private pilot can carry every approach plate for every airport in the US in a lightweight electronic book reader. They're inexpensive, easy to use, easy to read in direct sunlight, and will run for days on a single charge.

A single subscription provides access to downloads for all the supported readers and tablets. Load and carry any two devices, one as a backup, all for $9.99 per month.



  • All 13,000+ SIDs, STARs, airport diagrams, minimums, approaches and Airport Facility Directories.
  • Each cycle includes a full set of terminal procdures and Airport Facility Directories for the entire country.
  • Procedures are easily navigated and selected for display.
  • Airport information from the Airport/Facility Directories is integrated into the procedure menus for each airport.
  • Procedures are viewable and readable on a single page without scrolling.
Sony PRS-900 & 950
Amazon Kindle DX

"If you are of the mind that technology should make life easier or more efficient, then chances are you'll love Reader Plates..."  --AOPA Pilot Magazine